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Born in 1960, and named after my father, I was once a professional actor. I have been married to a brilliant singer, Natalie Douglas, for 18 years and together for 26. I do what I do now for a reason: I always struggled with my weight after puberty. It always went up and down, but during my acting career, it stayed pretty much in control. After I left acting things physically went downhill. And by the time I took the next picture on my honeymoon, I was feeling pretty badly a lot of the time.


Then at 39, I looked at my aging parents as they dealt with heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer - and honestly, I got scared. At that moment I made a conscious decision to age as well as I possibly could.


Now at 58, I do indeed have many of the same genetic issues my parents faced, but handle it very differently with exercise, diet, and both Western and alternative medicines. I work with all types of bodies and lives and specialize in metabolic, lifestyle, and hormonal changes; also chronic illnesses, such as MS, strokes, and cancer.





We will work your entire body with a holistic approach to the mind/body connection with strong adherence to exercise form while testing your limits without injury.





We will have weekly 30-minute phone, Zoom/Skype/ FaceTime/Starbucks check-in sessions and look at your daily, weekly, and long-term goals and, if necessary, tweak or recalibrate these goals, and clear your way to a fitter you.




I will produce customized workout programs that use core, strength and cardio training to target weaker muscles, build up the strong, remedy body imbalances and help with chronic injuries or illnesses.




Together we create full accountability for you through daily online tracking of your food, liquid, sleep and exercise. I will also act as your constant source for nutritional counseling.



What is a Personal Fitness Concierge and why do you need one? Well, everybody knows it just takes diet
and exercise to get fit, right? Then why doesn't we
just do it? Because in today's world it’s daunting
to figure out what is real, what works, and
near impossible to figure it out on your own - 
much let do it. I offer a 360° approach that
answers all your needs with one resource.




THE CONCIERGE: The package includes WEEKLY Customized Workouts, Nutritional Counseling, Food & Exercise Tracking, and a 
30-Minute Face-To-Face Behavioral Change Coaching Session Via Skype Or FaceTime. MINIMUM OF 13 WEEK COMMITMENT REQUIRED.

THE CONCIERGE PLUS: Each week includes a Personal Training Session, Customized Workouts, Nutritional Counseling,
Food & Exercise Tracking, and 30-Minute Face-To-Face Fitness Behavior Coaching Session Via Skype Or FaceTime. AVAILABLE MONTHY.


Photos by Briana Elledge




In Manhattan; at my Upper East Side penthouse private gym (pictured) or at your own residence's gym. (My travel is restricted to the East Side between Union Square and E. 96th St. and the West Side from Chelsea to W. 96th St.) Otherwise, all sessions are via Skype or FaceTime.



Billy Joe is amazing and has really made a difference in my life. He has a way about him that makes me want to improve myself and he always makes me smile.
— Sarah, Nurse Practitioner, NYC
Billy Joe makes me feel like an athlete. He pushes me through things that are new and challenging and helps me through the physical and mental struggles that arise. He cares about me and my success...and that is priceless.
— Shanna, Real Estate Broker, NYC
I can’t remember when I felt so good. I cannot endorse him more highly.
— Josh, Real Estate Broker, NYC
As a dietitian and health coach, feeling -and yes, looking - strong and healthy is important. After a doctor recommended weight training to build strength and prevent injury, I started working with Billy Joe. I’m happily pain-free and certainly don’t mind the visual improvements!
— Jess, Dietitian & Health Coach, NYC
I’ve worked out with numerous pilates teachers, yoga instructors, wellness coaches and personal trainers. Not one of them has had the heart and passion I see each time I work out with Billy Joe. He is a living testimonial and inspiration for his clients.
— Lisa, Owner Co-working Space, NYC
Billy Joe Young’s fitness coaching program motivated me to change my mindset around getting healthy.
— Julie, Public Relations, Forest Hills, NY
For me, the best part of working out with Billy Joe is looking forward to an experience I formerly loathed, dreaded and avoided for 30 years. Now I’ve been working with him for 9.
— Susan, Retired Investment Banker, NYC
I love working out with Billy Joe via SKYPE! From 1,500 miles away, he keeps me accountable, since he can see how I look, and tell if I’m struggling or not.
— Jean, Artist, Austin, TX
Billy Joe ‘s personalized motivation is absolutely priceless! I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Billy Joe!
— Vicki, Musician, NYC


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